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BARS Conference 2022

The 20th Annual BARS Conference

22nd - 23rd September 2022

Crowne Plaza Hotel, Newcastle upon Tyne (Wey Aye Man!)


The 2022 BARS conference in Newcastle was a great success, attended by approximately 195 delegates who enjoyed a range of high quality presentations by speakers from all over the country.  Many of the speakers have been kind enough to allow us to reproduce their presentations here in PDF format, so to download one of the 2022 conference presentations, please click on the relevant link below.

Administration Management Meeting

Maggie Crockett - Whose Audit is it anyway?

Thursday Programme

Mr James Talks - Diabetic Wide Field Imaging

Mr Tafadzwa Young-Zvandasara - The value of OCT for suspected and confirmed PDR

Mr David Steel - Vitrectomy for Advanced DR, it's not the last resort!

Mr Howard Charlton - Lifetime membership award winner

Dr Stuart Little - Type 1 diabetes and technology

Adeline Pinnock - Patients are people too; Why social determinants matter

Katrina Mason - The most photographed eyes in the North East

Helen Bone - One stop screening in South Tyneside

Jade Byrne - JDRF and Pricks

Friday Programme

Patrick Rankin - NDESP Update

Dr Elizabeth Wilkinson (BARS Outgoing President) - work of BARS over tenure of presidency

Dr Samantha Mann (BARS Incoming President) - vision for BARS over tenure of presidency

Dr Shailja Chalishazar - case study winner on uveitis

Pauline Miller - Super snifers, an introduction to medical detection dogs


Professor Ian Pearce - Geographic Atrophy, are we on the verge of treatments?

Clare Connor & Laura Webster - Health Inequalities within the SEL DESP

Jack South and Dr Samantha Mann - What to do when the pressure builds

Professor Roy Taylor (Keynote Speaker) - Eyes wide open: Type 2 diabetes

The 2022 BARS/Topcon (GB) Medical Ltd Poster Competition

The three winning posters of the 2022 BARS/Topcon (GB) Medical Ltd Poster Competition were announced at this year's conference in Newcastle with the winners each receiving Amazon vouchers. The standard and content exceeded expectations and with a total of 9 entries, it was difficult to pick out the individual winners. The three posters can be viewed below by clicking the relevant title. 

1st: Thomas Cale and Karen Moss – Arden, Herefordshire and Worcestershire DESP

Demonstrating the efficacy of using the Digital Surveillance pathway to monitor R2M0 grades and reduce referrals to hospital eye services

2nd: Tracy Nobes, Kirsty Wilson, Abbie Rance, Samantha Clack, Lucy Hammond and Shivani Soni – Arden, Herefordshire & Worcestershire, North of Tyne & Gateshead, BaNES, Swindon & Wiltshire, West Riding & Craven, South West London DESP's

Non-attendance in Eye Screening: reasons and outcomes

3rd: Tegan Hewitt, Denise McLoughlin, Steven O'Grady-Walsh, Amir Gaas, Nathan Hayne, Christine Pope, Linda Warren, Judit Lal, Dominique Zamarian and Liliana Strobino – South East London DESP

Increasing attendance of R3A's at HES

BARS are pleased to be able to display all of the other entries from the competition as these are very popular at the conference. Please click on the title below to view.

Steven O'Grady-Walsh, Laura Webster, Clare Connor, Rebecca Strutton, Ana Lopes, Mariette Felix – South East London DESP

Health Inequalities: South East London DESP's "Change Lab" project to target non-attenders

Jennifer Hughes and Kodie Leadbetter - Central Mersey DESP

Health inequalities within the prison system

Nicholas Barclay - Surrey DESP

Tips on how to take digital retinal images to NHS national standards

Shailja Chalishazar – University Hospital Wales

White dot syndrome like presentation secondary to Ibrutinib therapy: A case report

Tobias O'Donovan and Amanda Chinery – Surrey DESP

Patient Engagement & DES-S08 (KPI DE4)

Bartlomiej Masiukiewicz – NHS Tayside

Keep an eye on your eyes

The 2022 BARS/Mainline Instruments Photography Competition 

The winners and runners-up of the 2022 BARS/Mainline Instruments Photography Competition were announced at this year's conference in Newcastle. With a total of 18 entries, the clinical category was won by Philip Mullen from the Medica (Ireland) DESP and the runner-up was James Talbot from NHS Tayside in Dundee. The artistic category was won by Leanne Bird & Manjit Kaur from the Birmingham, Solihull & Black Country DESP and the runner-up was Ayodeji Dada from the South East London DESP. The winners received Amazon vouchers for each category and the runners-up received a certificate.

Below are the winners from each category.


Click on the image to open a larger version.

                         Photo by Philip Mullen                                                 Photo by Leanne Bird & Manjit Kaur

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