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Journal Articles and Papers

This section of the website pinpoints interesting articles/papers which may be relevant within your area of work within diabetes and ophthalmology.  To read these articles, please click on the relevant link(s) associated with the title.

BMJ Open article that highlights System-level and patient-level explanations for non-attendance at diabetic retinopathy screening in Sutton and Merton (London, UK): a qualitative analysis of a service evaluation. To read, please click here»

A new report from Diabetes UK that sets out actions to improve the delivery of the 15 healthcare essentials for adults with diabetes, and to improve care for children and young people.  It makes calls to NHS England, local commissioners, GPs and other NHS providers to improve care and support for people with diabetes and on the prevention of Type 2 diabetes.  To read, please click here»

An article in our June 2013 (page 3) Newsletter that describes and illustrates how to design your own poster.  Useful for anybody wanting to submit a poster either in the workplace or for the BARS Conference in the future. To read, please click here»

Is Diabetic Eye Screening Beneficial? - A Patient's Perspective

A population-based cohort study undertaken by Richard Bell (BARS Webmaster) as part of a University final project.  The primary aim of this study was to get a patient's perspective of the diabetic eye screening service to see if they thought it was beneficial to them.  The study also looked in to diabetes management, changes to the eye screening service and referrals to the hospital eye service (HES).  The answers provided would hopefully hightlight any problems, bring suggestions or compliment the service.  To read, please click here»

Perceived barriers and enablers to the provision of diabetic retinopathy screening for young adults: a cross-sectional survey of healthcare professionals working in the UK Diabetic Eye Screening Programme

 Diabetic retinopathy screening (DRS) attendance in young adults is consistently below recommended levels. The aim of this study was to conduct a survey of screening providers in the UK Diabetic Eye Screening Programme (DESP) to identify perceived barriers and enablers to DRS attendance in young adults and elicit views on the effectiveness of strategies to improve screening uptake in this population. To read, please click here»

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