Diabetic Eye Journal - Diabetic Eye Journal

Diabetic Eye Journal

Issue 14 - March 2020

Other Lesions:  Presentations of Infectious Diseases on the retina by Mr Ali Lamin and Miss Narciss Okhravi - Moorfields Eye Hospital, London.

Diabetic Eye Disease: Diabetic Eye Screening for Hospital Inpatients.

Diabetes UK: A generation to end the harm from diabetes by Dr Susan Aldridge. 

DEC Interview: Interview with Buki Asanbe - PHE National Data Manager and NCL DESP Failsafe Manager.

Spotlight on DESP: Brighton and Sussex DESP come under the spotlight.

BARS: Meet Bev Tolley, BARS Chair and Elizabeth Wilkinson, BARS President.

Ophthalmic Imaging Techniques: Highlights from the Haag-Streit Academy Slit Lamp Imaging Course by Richard Bell - Newcastle Eye Centre, Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals.


In order to keep file sizes manageable whilst maintaining a high resolution for images, this online issue of DEJ has been split into two parts.  Click on the main cover above for part 1, and on the image below for part 2.


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