Diabetic Eye Journal - Diabetic Eye Journal

Diabetic Eye Journal

Issue 12 - March 2019

Other Lesions:  Benign Retina and Choroid Tumours - discussing the most common tumours often picked up during retinal screening.

Diabetic Eye Disease: Management of DMO - Diabetic Macular Oedema.

Diabetes UK: Addressing the Psychological Needs of people with diabetes with some ground breaking work going on in the area of diabetes and mental health - which could be highly relevant to the work of retinal screeners.

Wide Field Imaging: Virtual R2 Refinement Pathway.

BARS: Why does it all matter?

Stereo Anterior Segment Photography: Liz Sandler, Ophthalmic Scientific Practitioner describes the process used to take stereo anterior segment photographs in order to create an illusion of depth and a 3D image when viewed as a stereo pair.


In order to keep file sizes manageable whilst maintaining a high resolution for images, this online issue of DEJ has been split into two parts.  Click on the main cover above for part 1, and on the image below for part 2.


 Part 2  
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