Diabetic Eye Journal - Diabetic Eye Journal

Diabetic Eye Journal

Issue 15 - December 2020

Other Lesions:  Macular Degeneration and Imaging. B Ramasamy and R Hancock from Wirrel University Teaching Hospital.

Diabetic Eye Disease: Managing DES for Pregnant Patients during the Pandemic.

Diabetes UK: COVID-19 and Diabetes by Dr Susan Aldridge. 

DEC Interview: Interview with Isla Knight from Devon DESP. retinal Screening during the lockdown.

Spotlight on DESP: Northern Ireland DESP during the COVID-19.

Retinal Screening and BARS: How it all began by Professor Roy Taylor and Lillian Lovelock, Newcastle upon Tyne.

Improving Fundus Imaging Quality: Paul Galsworthy - Joint Programme Manager from Birmingham, Solihull and Black Country DESP.


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