Failsafe - BARS Failsafe Forum

BARS Conference Failsafe Forum 2019

Venue: The Crowne Plaza Hotel, Liverpool

Date: Friday 27th September

Time: 13:30 - 16:00 approx.


The BARS Failsafe Forum 2019 will take place after the BARS Conference and is available for anyone, whether attending the conference or not.  The Forum is designed to bring together ideas relating to Failsafe matters that arise within Diabetic Eye Screening Programmes - Private or NHS. It is ideal for Failsafe Officers, Admin and Programme Managers.  This year, BARS Council Secretary Zoe Tobin (Failsafe & Administration Co-ordinator for West Sussex DESP), and Robin Davis (Senior QA Advisor - South for Public Health England) will be running the Forum.  

Following on from the success of this year's BARS Spring Failsafe Forum, Zoe & Robin will be repeating this forum but on a more condensed version which will benefit those that were unable to attend in May.

The main focus of the Forum will be on the New ‘DES to HES Guidance'.  There will be group work involved so members can evaluate what problems could occur with the guidance followed by feedback from the group work to discuss solutions.

There will be plenty of time for questions and answers during the forum to analyse what other failsafe issues occur during screening and find possible solutions.

BARS would like to encourage any members who are attending the forum or planning to attend future ones to contribute suggestions that they would like to be discussed.  If you have any suggestions then please email:


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