Failsafe - BARS Failsafe Forum

BARS Conference Failsafe Forum 2017

Venue: The Marriott Hotel City Centre, Leeds

Date: Friday 22nd September

Time: 14:00 - 16:30 


The BARS Failsafe Forum took place after the BARS Conference and was only available for those delegates attending the Conference.  The Forum is designed to bring together ideas relating to Failsafe matters that arise within Diabetic Eye Screening Programmes - Private or NHS.  It is ideal for failsafe officers, admin and screeners. This year BARS was fortunate to have Mr Rob Davis, Senior QA  Advisor, Screening QA Service (South East).  Rob with extensive knowledge on Quality Assurance, gave a presentation that focused on the following:

1 - His SE QA Presentation

2 - Failsafe from a QA perspective - How important, why we do it etc

3 - "Ask me anything" session

To view Rob's presentation please click on the link below:

Failsafe, A quality assurance (QA) perspective.

BARS would like to encourage any members who attended the forum or planning to attend future ones to contribute suggestions that they would like to be discussed.  If you have any suggestions then please email:


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