Management - Administration Management Meeting

The 2022 BARS Administration Management Meeting

At the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Newcastle upon Tyne

Thursday 22nd September 2022 from 10:30am - 12:00pm

Whose audit is it anyway?

Maggie Crockett - Senior Quality Assurance Advisor

What exactly is an audit? What purpose does it serve? And why do we need to do them?

Book a place on the administration and management workshop on Thursday 22 September at the BARS conference, to find the answer to these questions and hopefully several others along the way.

The workshop will illustrate what a good audit looks like and guide you through the audit process step by step, including writing an audit report and developing an action plan based on the findings of the audit.

We will work through some examples of audit reports – some good, some which could be better!

The workshop will also cover the audit schedule for DES; those that are mandated, which ones are considered best practice and some that are no longer required.


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