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BARS Website - Dormant accounts system

The British Association of Retinal Screening (BARS) website has now implemented a dormant account system.

This requires you to login to the BARS website once a year to check AND update your details to maintain an active account. To keep track of the last time you logged in we will send out email reminders that you need to update your details. These emails will be sent out when you are approaching the period where you have not logged in for a year:

a) Two months before the cut off period (not logged in for a year) a notification that you need to log in to the BARS web site to check AND update your details. This email will indicate that the cut off period will be two months away.

b) One month before the cut off period (not logged in for a year) a second similar email will be sent. This email will indicate the one month deadline.

c) One week before the cut off period a warning that your account will be marked as dormant unless you login and update your details.

When your account is marked as dormant you will no longer receive regular emails from BARS. You will also no longer appear on any mailing lists for other BARS related information.

How to prevent my account being marked as dormant?

To prevent you account being marked as dormant you must do two things:

1) Login to the BARS website at least once a year via the website menu or directly at: Enter your email address and the password.

2) Check the details on the page and then PRESS the 'update my details' button even if no details have changed. IF YOU DO NOT PRESS THE 'UPDATE MY DETAILS' THEN YOUR ACCOUNT WILL BECOME CLOSED AND REMOVED.  If this happens then you will have to re-apply for membership if you wish to rejoin as a member.

BARS would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continuing support.

Kind Regards,

BARS Web Team

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