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Type 2 Diabetes in Practice (2nd Edition) Andrew J Krentz and Clifford J Bailey ISBN 1‐85315‐635‐3

(One of the ‘In Practice' series devised by the Royal Society of Medicine Press as a means of presenting clear cut and accessible facts.)

What medication do you use to manage your diabetes? This may well be a routine question we ask the people we screen every day. But when they say ‘Metformin' or ‘Gliclazide' we may think we know what this means, but do we really?

This book will improve your understanding! Although chemical structures may be given, there is an easy to understand description of mode of action, indications/contraindications, and efficacy of the available pharmacological treatments for management of diabetes from metformin, thiazolidinedons, sulphonylureas, and different insulin preparations describing their duration of action and combination with oral therapy agents.

The book is divided into chapters including: ‘Pathophysiology' , ‘Principles of Management', and ‘Macrovascular Complications'. It's easy to read and well presented in clear text and with highlighted key points on many pages.

There is something in this book for everyone from those new to the diabetes retinal screening world needing to gain an understanding of Type 2 diabetes, to those striving to increase their knowledge with more detailed facts.

This second edition was published in 2005, and although some treatment regimes may have progressed it gives clear concise information.

So, next time see a patient answers ‘Gliclazide' to my question I feel I do have a better understanding of what this means.

A worthwhile purchase for around £20
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