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National Diabetic Eye Screening Conference 2018

The National Diabetic Eye Screening Conference 2018 will take place on Friday 20th April 2018. Jointly organised by the Royal Society of Medicine's Ophthalmology Section and the NHS Diabetic Eye Screening Programme, diabetic eye screening professionals will provide an update on current research and unique insights into diabetic eye screening in 2018.  

Venue – The Royal Society of Medicine, 1 Wimpole Street. London. W1G 0AE

CPD:  5 points


This conference will provide an essential update to what's happening in diabetic eye screening in 2018.Speakers invited from the national programme will provide insights into recent changes and those planned for the future, giving key updates for best practice.

The aim is to review the current National Diabetic Ophthalmic Screening Programme including new policies, future developments and to explore how Diabetic Screening is making a difference to individual patients and how it has saved sight.

  • Know about the national diabetic eye screening programme
  • Understand management of diabetic eye condition
  • Know about appropriate use of imaging in diagram and management of diabetic eye diabetics
  • Know about the impact of the diabetic eye screening programme 
  • Understand the links between diabetic retinopathy

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At the end of the conference, delegates will:

  • Know about recent changes and planned future developments in national diabetic eye screening programmes
  • Understand modern definitions of good care within the screening programmes for diabetic eye disease
  • Appreciate the patient's perspective of diabetic eye screening

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