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The 11th BARS Annual Conference

Well the 2011 BARS conference seems nothing but a distant memory now, the hard work involved this year was felt by all the BARS council members ,but the feedback received and the comments made to council members has been very positive and therefore the effort was worthwhile. Comment s such as “Best Ever” were reflected in the feedback, with 94% of people rating the conference as either excellent or good and 94% rating the organisation as either excellent or good. We obviously have areas that need more work and the BARS council aim to address as many of these as they can by the next BARS conference.

As Chairperson I would like to thank all of the council members who dedicated a great deal of their own time and worked hard behind the scenes to ensure that the conference went smoothly and was enjoyed by as many attendees as possible. I would also like to thank all the people who took time out of their busy schedules to deliver some very interesting presentations and lastly I'd like to thank everyone that attended, without whom there would not be a conference. I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at our next conference.

Kind Regards

Jacqueline Mansell
Chair of British Association of Retinal Screening 

Below are the PDF versions of each presentation from the conference this year.

Where are we at!  Sue Cohen, Anne Stevenson and Steve Aldington 

New programme identity Mike Harris

What happens next?  Richard Cragg (not available yet)

Are OPDR clinics safe & effective?  David Sculfor.

Lucentis for DM. Nigel Davies

How can Community Optometrists help you increase uptake in your DR screening programme?  Wendy Newsom and Peter Scanlon.

Assessment of automated disease detection. Prof Stephen Nussey (not available yet)

Vascular changes in diabetic retinopathy. Prof Alan Sitt

The missed referrable disease conundrum. Keith Goatman.(not available yet)

 Visually Impaired person. Anita Warrander (not available yet)

The Tale of two graduations. Chrisitne Mayer

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